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The 6 Best 360-Degree Cameras of 2019

The first generation of 360-degree cameras were essentially expensive toys with limited applications. Now that the technology has matured, things are starting to get interesting.
The latest generation of omnidirectional video cameras have better sensors, and higher resolutions. There’s even video stabilization that results in surprisingly usable footage. Plus you can do things that simply aren’t possible with a regular camera.
But which one is right for you? Here are the best 360-degree cameras available right now.

Why Should You Buy a 360-Degree Camera?

Cameras that can shoot 360-degree footage have at least two lenses; one at the front, and one at the back. These lenses capture wide-angle video. The camera stitches the footage together to create a single 360-degree image.
This has its benefits. There’s no need to frame your shots since you’re capturing everything around you. This is known as overcapture. You can then edit the footage down later to create your video.
Most 360-degree cameras don’t feature a live preview screen, although they’ll often provide this feature through a companion smartphone app. This has allowed manufacturers to design compact and innovative cameras. These devices can shoot video and still photographs.
Most systems will allow you to export regular videos in 16:9 or square format for sharing on the web. Many even give you the 360-degree video files for immersive viewing in virtual reality. Aside from their technical benefits, 360-degree cameras are a lot of fun to play with too.