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Wedding Package

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With every wedding package, you receive my exclusive talent and thoughtfulness to record your wedding day.

Unlike others, we do not offer a rigid number of five hundred or fifteen hundred images etc.
Suffice to say we will capture the story of your day through timeless, beautiful images that capture real emotions.

We usually end up with a thousand or so hand picked images that do not include embarrassing moments, unwanted photo bombs or blurred frames.
All images are digitally treated, giving each one a polish by balancing color, tone and contrast. After post production images are uploaded to a password-protected online gallery where you may view them and share them with family and friends.
You will also receive a data DVD of the final images in a high resolution, printable format. You may do what you wish with these images except alter them. As you can well appreciate they are a reflection of my art and must stay true to it.
You will also have access to all of the crowd sourced Images that we would have harvested. Please read about our crowd sourcing option under Innovation.

Included in the package is up to four 2Creations.
Read more about 2Creations next.

As a passionate artist I know how best my creations should be printed and displayed. For that I offer high quality, professionally supervised print services through exclusive boutique print shops across Canada.

I would be able to recommend several unique display choices such as Hand crafted Leather bound Albums, high quality coffee table books, printing on parchment, ceramic tiles, hand made paper greeting cards etc.

We scour the globe searching for these one of a kind opportunities. Do connect with us if you are interested in exploring these unique and exotic alternatives.
"We do not take pictures with our cameras but with our hearts and minds."
Arnold Newman