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First and foremost I am an artist.

I find great joy in creating art that is beautiful and memorable. Which is why I conceived 2Creations.

A 2creation is beyond a great image. A 2Creation is a magnificent piece of art intended to be flaunted. A great way to remember, cherish and share the special day.
You and I will choose from amongst the thousands of perfect images captured of your wedding, up to 4 of the most striking ones. These images, my postproduction team and I will then transform using digital magic and sophisticated postproduction techniques into stunning pieces of art.

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These pieces would truly be worthy of bold and shameless exhibition. Large wall hangings, Album covers, Greeting Cards, Ceramic Tiles and many other possibilities.

For these pieces of art.

I will recommend print styles and sizes, mediums and display options. I would work with you to design unique presentations e.g. an image split into vertical sections of three to be displayed side by side.

I will advise on print mediums such as large pieces of rustic Canvas or ceramic tile (s).

We have available a wide variety of print mediums such as canvas, metal, ceramic tiles and even digital etc.

We also offer antique hand crafted frames to suit most tastes.

We are constantly scouring the globe looking for unique and exotic options to display your art
Needless to say, 2Creations are unique beautiful artistic creations.

"As music is the poetry of sound, so is painting the poetry of sight."

~James McNeil WhistlerWeb