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Photography Style

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Offering Artistic Wedding Photography and Fine Art Images.

I understand weddings; the pressures, the timings and the very real human moments they inspire.  My mother is a Wedding Planner so I know how it all unfolds.
Needless to say Weddings are my Forte. 

Weddings are a treasure trove of human emotion.  I strive to capture every precious moment.  I get to know the bride and groom up-front and adapt my work to their desires and to the unique character of their wedding
"We felt like we had a friend taking the photos on our wedding day."

My style blends the best of photojournalism and creative portraiture.  Most of all, I look for love; so if you're in love, I can't wait to catch you in my lens. Every shot captures a smile, a moment, a memory... An image, which you can look back on in 50 years and still remember, it like yesterday.
The goal of my photography is authenticity, capturing natural beauty and emotion in order to tell the story of your wedding day honestly. I aim to be unobtrusive-—following and recording real moments as they happen.

What you portrayed exactly reflects the happiness that we both felt that day. Our sincerest thanks and with every good wish."
— Richard and Charlene (Bride's parents), Alberta

I limit the number of weddings I shoot each year to no more than thirty to ensure an exclusive boutique style service, I often do not use assistants or second shooters and I personally carry out all image processing and album design to ensure I can guarantee a personal, bespoke service.