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Newborn / Baby

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What a life changing experience to hold a new infant in your arms. Our Photographers love to capture the connection between parents and their new child as well as all the precious details, from those little toes to the curl of delicate eyelashes in each Infant Photography Session. When booked for baby photography every moment is precious and dear to our hearts . We love shooting on locations as well as indoors creating a profession studio right in your own home/apt. This ensures that your newborn is in their element, which will make you a lot more comfortable and able to enjoy the memory of the baby photos that much more.

No apartment is too small to create these beautiful, loving memories. Our Photographers can make anything work. Lighting for indoors is provided yet we also utilize whatever natural light is available as well. Bare-skin is preferable for infants but pampers or simple onesies will be great as big kid clothing tends to be bulky and overwhelming. As for Newborns, the first 2 weeks is a perfect time to photograph your child since they are still super curly, tend to sleep a lot and baby acne hasn’t started to flare.